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The products are created with 3d printer technology

All models will be delivered clean. That is, they will be detached from the resin stops that are created in the printing phase


The set consist:


Starla Von Skill
Elton Windbreaker
Sssnakeman Bitten Tail
Robert Paulsen (the butcher)
Brock and Berry
Robert and James at table. Two microphones, table, chair, crystal ball
Gnoblan Fredy
Gnoblan Chaki
Apothecary for High Elves
Apothecary for Lizardmen
Marker and coins for the Lizardmen team ( 4 Marker and 2 Coins )


None of the miniatures is repeated, they're all different from each other!


The color of the product may vary according to the resin available at the moment


The product that will be delivered to you is that of the first photo (that of the whole team).

Star Players and Support Staff

€44.95 Prezzo regolare
€40.46Prezzo scontato


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