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The product is produced on request and is shipped about 3 weeks after the order placed by you


All models will be delivered clean. That is, they will be detached from the resin stops that are created in the printing phase


Model created by Crosslances in collaboration with Labmasu


The team are compose by :


8× Pumpkin Zombie in different poses
2× Frankenstein meat golems in different poses
2× Gar-Ghouls in different poses
2× Werewolves in different poses
2× Headless Wights in different poses


The color of the product may vary according to the resin available at the moment

The product that will be delivered to you is that of the first photo (that of the whole team).


Halloween Necromancers Team

€34.95 Prezzo regolare
€31.46Prezzo scontato


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