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The team consists:

 Gnome Team (Steampunk Style). Part 2.


🏃‍♀️Lineman x2

🪿Goose x1

🦊Fox x2

👊Coach x1

💉Apothecary x1

🍯Mechanical potty x1

🪵Animals x5

⭐️Morgue N Thorn x1 (Star Player)

⭐️Sidney Roachgate x1 (Star Player)

⭐️Dowana Timberfoot x1 (Star Player)

🦌Riding animal for Dowana x2

👤Bust x3

Bases NOT included



The product that will be delivered to you is that of the first photo (that of the whole team).

Gnome Team (Steampunk Style). Part 2- UGNI miniatures

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